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Freedom Rhythm is the one and only fitness experience that intentionally engages the mind and the body. Moreover, it is the only workout that needs zero modifications for athletic ability.

Freedom Rhythm offers Emotion Focused Movement classes for adults and children of all ages.




Be free. Be you!

Freedom Rhythm is a unique, creative, and imaginative approach to experience emotional release through authentic expression of movement.

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What do our clients think?

"Thoughtful and engaging on many levels- highly effective way to help you navigate trauma or focus on positive thoughts. I appreciated the duality and versatility of the approach used because it may be applied in many different settings and still have a wide appeal to many people for very different reasons. I wholeheartedly endorse Freedom Rhythm!"

Toni Camacho
Attorney on Wallstreet

"Freedom Rhythm is energizing for all ages. It inspires awakened living. It is colorful and dynamic and has the power to shift our world view for the better. It encourages harmony for all of humanity. It’s a mind, body, and soul work out!!!"

Laura Rizo,
School Counselor
Motivational Speaker

"Freedom Rhythm taught me and my students that we have the power to transform any negative emotions or thoughts through movement. It is manifesting our future, taking control of our happiness and empowering ourselves to be free from negativity. It was an experience I was lucky enough to share with my students that I will never forget. I would recommend this to any individuals, families or groups that are looking for a new beginning."

Michelle Urban
Artistic Director of Urban Movement Dance Academy
Dance Director at Montwood High School

"Freedom Rhythm was such an amazing experience for both me and my team. We were able to connect with one another and uplift one another—making every person feel valued and loved. These are life lessons that cannot be taught—only experienced. Through movement my team was able to release all negativity and manifest on positive energy, self confidence and self love. I wholeheartedly endorse Freedom Rhythm for individuals of any age looking for an innovative and life changing experience. Thank you!"

Monica Perez
Creator of Sun City Dance Classic
Dance Director at Pebble Hills High School

"Dr. Tiffany your presentation inspired me to be playful and positive.  The silk movement encouraged me to release negative energy.  I walked out feeling refreshed and renewed.  Thank you for this therapeutic and educational session."

Donna Juarez
Army Veteran
Director of Military Affairs @ Rio Vista

"Freedom Rhythm took me outside of my comfort zone in an incredible way. It is a new, innovative, and inspiring approach to psychological and physical fitness! I didn’t expect it to be such a work out. Emotionally, I felt so much lighter after the class! I recommend this method for men!!!"

Lloyd Parker
Retired Army Veteran

“As an educational diagnostician, I see the extraordinary benefits of incorporating Freedom Rhythm into the educational setting for students of all ages. Freedom Rhythm stimulates cognitive processing through the self-expressive moment.  The “be free, be you” statement says it all.  It is time to unplug ourselves and let Freedom Rhythm enhance our intellectual and creative minds to provide an emotional expression and physical outlet for our children during these trying times.” 

Nicole Tajiri,
Educational Diagnostician, 30+years as an educator

“I’ve spent 26+ years in the Army and have endured four combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Nothing I’ve experienced comes close to providing the physical and psychological benefits I’ve received from partaking in Freedom Rhythm. It’s funny how most of the world neglects the negative effects trauma has on the body. Freedom Rhythm pulled me out of autopilot and made me aware of how I was operating in my domain—it helped to set me free from vicious psychological and behavioral cycles that have kept me stuck on stupid.”

John Gonzales,
Retired Army Colonel

“I am so grateful and thankful for Dr.Tiffany. She was a shining star at our women’s retreat. Funny, unbelievably heartfelt, overflowing with wisdom, and she led us into soul freedom with practical applications through Freedom Rhythm that were life changing.”

Jaye Arsement
Founder – Rest Yourself Family Ministries

“Dr. Tiffany Tajiri was our guest artist recently at Jefferson/Silva Magnet High School introducing ‘Freedom Rhythm’ mindset. This concept not only released tension but took my dancers and myself through a journey.  It reevaluated a vision of ourselves within a creative mode utilizing colorful silks and positivity.  It seemed to be a creative catharsis that embraced joy and happiness within ourselves.

Irma Acosta
Dance Professor of 40+years

“Freedom Rhythm is unique in that it is a fitness work out, uplifting meditation, and pure interactive fun all rolled into one. As a physical therapist and yogi, I whole-heartedly appreciate this innovative approach to mind and body wellness.”

Dr. Heather Rodriguez
physical therapist, yoga instructor, small business owner
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