Why Freedom Rhythm?

In one day, your brain generates more electrical impulses than all the cellphones in the world combined. Our thoughts and emotions emit powerful energy. EMOTION means Energy in MOTION. The negative energy of our thoughts and emotions are often weaponized against us—triggering a cascade of toxic stress hormones that negatively affect every cell in our body—downregulating our genetic output. In contrast, positive emotional energy can be transformative for us and those around us, as it releases life sustaining neurochemicals. Freedom Rhythm works to transform or expel our negative emotional energy, while harnessing and amplifying our positive emotions. It is a tool to improve our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

How does Freedom Rhythm work?

Suppressing our emotions results in psychological and even spiritual congestion which is terrible for our physical health. When we become stuck on unresolved emotional pain we live on autopilot. To break free, the mind and the body must come together to expel the negative emotional energy that keeps us stuck. Apart from the body, the mind cannot fully achieve harmony on its own—and vice versa. The mind achieves freedom by altering its thoughts, while the body is set free through movement—we need both! We discover freedom of movement when we share our positive emotions and when we expel our negative emotions or simply transform them into productive energy.

Freedom Rhythm is copy-righted and trademarked protocol. It is the first and only Emotion Focused Movement protocol to engage the whole body, the senses, as well as the entire brain. It capitalizes on the power of the mind through visualization and the body through movement, as it works to free us from the toxic emotions that have stolen our peace. Freedom Rhythm is informed by the study of neuroscience and uses visualization, bilateral stimulation, and movement to replace our old and unproductive neural networks with healthy and adaptive ones. Moreover, rhythm helps to soothe us. Afterall, we were developed to a rhythm—the beat of our mother’s heart.

Freedom Rhythm uses a variety of silks to project our emotions in a beautiful and vibrant way—creating a story that sets us free. This sort of novel movement pulls us out of autopilot and promotes mindfulness—the only way to achieve long-lasting emotional freedom. You choose the physical intensity of your Freedom Rhythm—it can be a workout or a gentle meditative state. The first part of the class focuses on visualizations that inform our projective movement, the next part aims at improving our physical fitness, while the last part is geared toward connection and group interaction. Each Freedom Rhythm exercise is accompanied by a set of positive self-affirmations. Freedom Rhythm is also available as an interactive workshop or public speaking engagement. Drawing from evidence-based practices, Freedom Rhythm is a unique, creative, and imaginative approach to experience emotional release through authentic expression of movement. Be free. Be you!

Dr. Tiffany Tajiri

Dr. Tiffany Tajiri is a licensed and board-certified clinical psychologist, trauma recovery expert, and the creator of Freedom Rhythm: Emotion Focused Movement. As a former professional ballet dancer, she combined her passions for dance and neuroscience to create the first and only Emotion Focused Movement—a comprehensive mind and body protocol to inspire awakened living. Dr. Tiffany’s latest publication by Westbow Press incorporates the use of Freedom Rhythm—it is entitled, BORN TO CREATE.

Dr. Tiffany is an Air Force Veteran, former Army Clinic Chief, and the first American woman to publish a faith-based combat recovery book entitled, PEACE AFTER COMBAT. She is the CEO and founder of Freedom Rhythm, PLLC and her non-profit organization, Energy in Motion. Currently, Dr. Tiffany holds the prestigious title of Dr. America 2024 of Dr. World Productions, LLC. But most importantly, she is the mother and the wife to a retired Army combat Veteran. Her mission is to inspire people to create a life they love—by teaching them how to harness the incredible power of their mind!

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